Weeknotes – S04E31 – Remembering What Works


I feel like I’ve come up with a better structure for my writing week and that I’ve settled back into a better routine again. I should remember the lesson that trying to write every day really doesn’t work for me and actually ends up being very counter-productive.



My brain had been ticking over an idea for a new short story for a while, so I finally sat down and started writing the first draft.

I got the bare bones down but it came out very short.

I finished a short story anthology and wrote my review.



I wrote the review of the book I finished the night before.

I also edited a friend’s short story.

Later, I brainstormed ideas for a new short story for a fun-sounding upcoming submission opportunity.



I did some reflection on the past month and planning for the month ahead, and listed my tasks for the next day’s session.



I started the day with excellent intentions to get lots done, then got derailed by tripping over during my morning run…

Still, I picked myself up, sorted myself out, and decided to keep to the plan as much as possible, whilst not pushing myself too hard.

I started with Day One of AWC’s Mojo Month, which turned out to be a lot of fun. Every day of the month, they post a Mindfulness message, something to look up Online, a visual inspiration to Juice up your day, and an Operation, which challenges you to complete a writing exercise.

Then I settled down and reread what I had so far on my WIP Big Bang story, before adding another 500 words.

Next, I turned back to Colours and carried on editing the alien POV sections. I managed some minor edits and the introduction of some new ideas, but it was difficult to figure out how to make major changes and ensure all the connective tissue was also changed accordingly. I made some more notes for further thought on the issues.

I wrote the script for the next interim podcast episode and then did the editing for my first TL;DR anthology story, which was fun.

Later, I started a solo roleplaying game called Thousand Year Old Vampire, which involves writing the story of your character as you go along. It was really interesting and the opening sections resulted in me coming up with some quite surprising ideas.



I did Day Two of AWC Mojo Month, which was fun. It was about habit-stacking and goal-setting.

I also reviewed the rewrite of a short story for a friend, and carried on with my vampire game.

Lastly, I brainstormed a bit for the new ending of Colours.



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