Weeknotes – S04E30 – Taking the Weekend Off


A bit hit and miss this week. I was low on motivation and decided to give myself the whole weekend off from the to-do list, but did make some good progress on various things at other times during the week.



I logged my planned goals on the UWR online session page and started out with this month’s GYWO discussion post. I then wrote a blog post for my own site about discovering I’d recently made about my revision process. Next up was editing the most recent podcast episode. Then I went back to reviewing the other TL;DR writer’s novel. I also edited a blog post for another TL;DR writer.



I added a few more words to the Colours manuscript.



I wasn’t going to do anything today, because it felt like the daily habit was becoming a pointless chore rather than actually progressing anything, but then I added a few more words to the Colours manuscript anyway.



I took myself to the park in an effort to focus better. I also logged my intentions on the TL;DR Slack and verbally committed to them with Claire from CPsDayOff. Those intentions were to finally start implementing the editing plan for Colours.

So, then I read through all my notes on the aliens and went back to the start of the alien POV thread in the manuscript and worked through as many of his scenes as I could, changing the way the alien society is presented and making the transition from loyal citizen to revolutionary more nuanced.

I got halfway through the alien scenes and was very pleased with my progress. As ever, actually sitting down to start was the hardest thing, and I quite enjoyed adding my new ideas to the existing manuscript. It was also a good mental transition, since I felt like I had properly begun, which I hoped would make it easier to carry on another day.

I also entered the AWC 23-word story competition, wrote a review of the book I finished the day before and edited the rest of the TL;DR writer’s novel.



I decided to give myself the weekend off because it had been a very busy week at work and I was feeling a bit burnt out.

In the evening, though, I attended an editing workshop from TL;DR Press, in preparation for acting as one of the editors for their upcoming horror anthology. It was fun and very useful, and I came out of it looking forward to working on the project.



I finished a book and wrote my review.


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