Weeknotes – S04E33 – Ticking Off the Days Doesn’t Mean Real Progress


A bit of a scattershot week – I ‘wrote’ every day but don’t feel like I made any real progress on anything. I did, however, give myself permission to let go of the task list and read a lot, which was lovely, and never a waste of time.



I reached out to some friends for expert advice on a couple of aspects of Colours. It was hard to be vulnerable about it, since I’m aware what I’ve got at the moment is probably embarrassingly wrong, but I figured it was better to ask for help now than to get attacked for screwing up later.

Then I completed Day Ten of AWC’s Mojo Month before going back to finish reorganising my Colours notes. I answered some more plot questions along the way, and it helped me figure out which section to tackle next, so it was a useful exercise.

Next was editing my own horror flash piece for the upcoming TL;DR anthology, which I finalised and submitted.

Later, I received a publicity questionnaire from my publisher, with a whole load of questions about Artisan and my journey to publication, so I started filling that in.

I also heard back from one of the people I contacted earlier about Colours, so I sent her the scenes I wanted her to review.



I reviewed an article for a friend, then completed Day Eleven of AWC’s Mojo Month.



I completed Day Twelve of AWC’s Mojo Month.

Later, I discussed the protagonist’s background in Colours with one of the people I reached out to earlier in the week. She gave me some great insight, let me down gently about all the things I’d done badly, and came up with lots of interesting ways I could make those sections better.



I started off the day with Day Thirteen of AWC’s Mojo Month.

Then I knuckled down and rewrote the protagonist’s background scenes in Colours, based on the feedback I got the day before.

I did the edits for my third TL;DR anthology submission and sent them back to the author.



I made some amendments to the previous day’s amendments to Colours.

I also completed Day Fourteen of AWC’s Mojo Month.

Later, I got an acceptance for a short story I wrote back in 2016, from the twelfth place I’d submitted it to – perseverance is the key! I was really pleased as I’ve always had faith in that story and was glad it would finally be receiving its time in the light.



I discussed Colours with the other friend I’d asked for help earlier in the week.

I also did multiple submissions and completed AWC’s Mojo Month Day Fifteen, which involved a Bear post!

Later, I did some more work on the publicity questionnaire from my publisher for Artisan.



I completed Day Sixteen of AWC’s Mojo Month, and also wrote a book review.


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