Weeknotes – S05E02 – Back to Work


Back to the day job this week after a long festive break. It wasn’t too bad overall – I kept on top of work without getting stressed and I kept to my scheduled writing time, focusing on the one most important thing (Colours) each time, and also getting some other useful stuff done. I’m reminding myself that all progress is good progress.



Last day before going back to the day job! Luckily, I had Charlie from UWR to keep me on track with an online retreat.

I revised five more scenes of Colours, then finished editing the latest podcast episode.

I made some notes on Connection based on feedback from Scribophile.



I did some submissions.



I started out with five more scenes of revision on Colours, then I did a couple more submissions.

I also gave more feedback to a TL;DR writer on the opening paragraphs of her novel.

Later, I finished a book and wrote my review.



I made good use of Charlie’s UWR online session again, completing five more scenes of Colours, and looking into some more marketing opportunities for The Defiant Spark. I researched, selected and contacted a blog tour provider, and sent requests for reviews to four different places.



I took part in the theme-setting workshop with CP’s Day Off. There was lots of free-writing and sharing of thoughts and ideas, which was great. As ever, it took me in directions I hadn’t expected and was a valuable experience.

Later, I wrote a review of a book and a review of a film.


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