Weeknotes – S05E05 – Some New Stuff In Development


Nothing much to report this week. Still chugging along with novel revisions. New ideas in development for upcoming competitions, and a new outlining tool ready for use on the next novel.



I made a list, posted it on the UWR online session and then set to work.

I revised five scenes of Colours, did my GYWO post for the month, and wrote a book review.

Then I edited the podcast episode we recorded the day before.

Later, I went through this month’s Writing Magazine and added some competitions to my spreadsheet of submission opportunities.



I finished a book and wrote my review.



I started my focus session with Claire from CP’s Day Off by revising the next five scenes of Colours. Then I wrote a blog post about getting very different reactions from different editors about the same stories.

Later, the subconscious crew came through with an idea for two upcoming flash fiction competitions so I made some notes.



I completed and submitted an entry for a microfiction competition.

I also did all my planning and scheduling for February in my UWR writing diary. It still seems unbelievable to me that I have tasks for next month relating to three different novels, but I am apparently now a fully-fledged novelist, what with the paperback of The Defiant Spark coming out on Monday!

I still haven’t written anything new as yet this year, though I’m hoping that will change in February with the first draft of Safeguarding to begin, and a couple of short story projects I really want to develop.



I did some submissions.


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