Weeknotes – S05E06 – Seven-Day Writing Week


A seven-day writing week this week – because I wanted to, rather than felt obliged to, so that felt good. It was really nice to be so excited about multiple writing projects that I actually wanted to work on them on what would otherwise be my days off from writing. Lots of progress on the second novel and the end is in sight! Also an exciting week because the first novel came out in paperback and people started actually reading it!


First day of regular writing dates with Ann again, who had a full-time writing contract for the next few months – woohoo!

I was going to do tons more marketing for The Defiant Spark as the paperback was due out today, but it wasn’t available yet when I checked first things, so I pushed that further down the list and set to revising the next five scenes of Colours instead.

Then I made a stab at a first draft for an upcoming flash fiction competition and posted it on the TL;DR Slack for feedback.

Later, I did some reflection exercises and looked at my upcoming writing plans for the next few weeks.


I did a ton more marketing for The Defiant Spark, in honour of the paperback becoming available.


More marketing for The Defiant Spark – I contacted two authors on Twitter, who had been tutors at a writing retreat I did years ago, and they both came back to me very quickly with excellent advice and offers of assistance, which was really lovely.


Weekly focus session with Claire from CP’s Day Off.

I revised the next five scenes of Colours and then completed and submitted two competition entries, marking completion of my first new short piece of 2021!

Then I did some more submissions of older work.

Later, I finished a book and wrote my review.

Even later, I started The Ten Day Outline with a view to kicking off Safeguarding at long last.


I revised a short story and submitted it to a new opportunity, as well as completing another submission.

Later, I did some more outlining work on Safeguarding.


I logged onto UWR’s online session and stated my goals for the day.

Then I made some notes for an upcoming anthology call, which the subconscious crew had provided an excellent idea for when I woke up.

I revised the next five scenes of Colours – the end was very much in sight, which was exciting.

And then I went back to outlining Safeguarding, which I really enjoyed.

Later, I went through the latest issues of Writing Magazine and added some new submission opportunities to my rolling spreadsheet.

I had several moments of inspiration throughout the afternoon and spent some time in the evening writing additional notes for both Safeguarding and the new short story.


Riding a rare wave of enthusiasm, I did a Sunday writing session and actually revised twelve scenes of Colours, leaving only eight left to go!

Then I did some more submissions.

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