Weeknotes – S06E08 – Taking It Easy


A fairly relaxed time of it this week, with lots of interesting paid projects, and a bit of a break from my own writing.



An Hour of Writes prompt popped up in my inbox the other day and I decided to submit something on a whim, so today I started out by doing my marking of other people’s entries.

Then I started a new paid project, copy editing the first three chapters of a literary novel for a writer preparing to submit to agents.

I read, commented on and corrected a piece of fan fiction a writer friend had sent me.

Then I did developmental editing on the next section of the adventure novel.

A short article came in from a regular client over lunch, so I edited that.

Then I went back to complete editing on the second third of the romance novel.

Later, I did some submissions.



I edited the rest of the opening chapters of the literary novel and sent them back to the author for review and approval.

Then I did some research and some brainstorming for my third copy editing article for my new blog client (who had posted my first article the day before and it looked great!).

Later, I did a few more submissions.



I finished an audiobook so I wrote my review.



I made an extensive list of stuff to do today, wanting to get back into a better work ethic, to make sure I met all my deadlines.

I edited the next section of the romance novel, then made comments on the next section of the adventure novel, then edited the first two chapters of the memoir.

I also wrote a couple of reviews.



I did a sample edit for a prospective client.


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