Weeknotes – S06E07 – Low on Motivation


A bit hit and miss this week – I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated, so I shunted quite a bit of work into next week, but managed to focus on finishing my latest short story.



A couple of new, short assignments came through from previous clients overnight, so I did those first.

Then I did a paid sample edit for a prospective new client.

Next was starting on the new project I won after the client interview last week – developmental editing for an epic adventure novel.

I also finished my first article on copy editing for my new blog client.

I added some more to my horror short story, and planned out the rest of it.

Later, I continued with edits on the romance novel.



I started with the next copy editing article for my blog client.

Then I went back to the adventure novel and made lots more notes – it went faster today, which was good.

After lunch, I continued editing the romance novel.

Later, I had a chat with some of the lovely ladies from the Revision Club crew on our write-along Zoom call, then edited the latest podcast episode, while they got on with their novels.



I completed and submitted my second copy editing article for my blog client, then finished the first draft of my horror story and posted it to the TL;DR Slack for feedback. Several people read it and commented really quickly, all saying it was a great story, but not horror, which was more positive than I’d been expecting. So, rather than worrying about trying to make it more horrific, I just decided to abandon the horror submission call and submit the story to dark fantasy publications instead!

I also reviewed a game we played for the first time the night before.



I attended one of Claire’s writing workshops from CP’s Day Off – there were only three of us, which I actually quite like, though I hope it doesn’t mean the workshops are proving unviable for her. The theme was ‘love’ and we had some interesting prompts, which resulting in some interesting writing, which is why I love the workshops.



I wrote a couple of reviews.


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