Weeknotes – S06E06 – Lots Going On


The focus was much more on paid work than personal projects this week, but I did get some of my own writing done as well.



I didn’t get much sleep the night before, and the case numbers were shooting up again, so I decided against going to the cafe today.

I started with a review of an audiobook.

Then, I embarked on a new paid editing project from last week’s gardening client – this one much longer and about emotional self-care, which I worked on throughout the day, as there was a tight deadline.

I prepped my critique notes for the next day’s Revision Club call.



I finished editing the emotional self-care book and sent it back for approval.

I also copy-edited the sci-fi short story I had provided developmental feedback on the previous month and submitted that for approval.

During the Revision Club write-along session, I worked on my horror short story (actually breaking ground on a first draft!) and read more of the craft book.



I added a few more words to my horror short story.

I also wrote a couple of reviews.



Having recently renewed my Picturehouse membership, and planning to meet a friend for dinner, I ventured into central London and spent the day at Picturehouse Central.

I initially had a panic because my laptop and Google Drive didn’t seem to have synced, so I didn’t have access to the most recent version of the restaurant book (I was worried I had lost several hours of work). But I got Dave to check my PC at home and email me the current version, so I was able to carry on from where I left off on Friday.

I also did my first GYWO discussion post for the year and completed the next scene of my horror story.



I had a bit of a slow start today, but eventually settled down to complete the edits for the vegan restaurant book.

I then continued with the edit of the romance novel, completing and submitting the first third.

Later, I had a very productive call with a potential client, whose project I would very much like to do. And I also won a project that involves writing articles about copy editing, which was very exciting!



Today, I ventured to Kentish Town for an in-person meetup with other writers, which was great! I met some lovely people and got a lot more done than I would have if I’d stayed at home. It was a good combination of chatting and focused writing time and I expect I’ll go again – though across the middle of the day on a Sunday, in a cafe that isn’t open on Sundays isn’t quite my ideal…

Anyway, I wrote a fair bit more of my horror story, did some submissions and wrote a first draft of my first paid article about copy editing. I also wrote a review of a book.

I also got confirmation of go-ahead from the client I had the call with on Friday, so yay!


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