Weeknotes – S04E19 – Feeling Significant



Lots of great progress this week, working on writing projects at least a little bit every day. I also completed the second draft of my second novel, which felt significant. You know, I think I might actually be a novelist!



I logged onto Charlie’s online UWR session, stating the intention of writing the new scenes for the amended Colours climax.

Then I got to work and wrote them! That brought me to the end of the second draft, so I put some feelers out for people to read it and give me feedback by mid-June. I got several volunteers and sent it off to several people.

Later, I did some submissions.



I talked about Colours with my mum, accepted some feedback and recorded the ideas on my new editing plan.



I did a freewriting exercise for Claire’s instagram project.



I collated more Colours feedback from both my parents, involving the development of a very interesting idea that could add quite a bit to the narrative.

Then I wrote a blog post about the significance of finishing the second draft of my second novel.



I started writing the script for the next interim podcast episode.



I logged on to Charlie’s online URW session for structure and encouragement.

I started out brainstorming ideas for my NYC Midnight Microfiction assignment, which was due by the end of the day. I was given a genre, a specific action and a specific word, all of which needed to be included in my 100-word story. I used the technique of doing a bullet point for each aspect and then just listing all the ideas I could think of for using each. I selected something from partway down each list, so as to avoid the first couple of ideas (which everyone is likely to come up with) and then went to work putting it all together.

Then I finished my script for the next interim podcast episode.

Later, I wrote an extensive review of a book and its two film adaptations.

I also started reading and commenting on the start of a novel by one of the TL;DR writers, who had posted earlier in the week to ask for feedback.



I added a section to my most recent podcast script, and continued reviewing and commenting on the friend’s novel I started the day before.


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