Weeknotes – S04E20 – Prompts and Reviews


I rediscovered Seempli this week, which was fun, particularly when I realised I could transform any of the creative challenges into a freewriting prompt. I helped out another writer with comments on the opening of her novel, which felt good. And I kept up with reviews. So, modest accomplishments, but pleasing.



I recorded and edited the next interim episode of the podcast.

I also read and commented on some more of my friend’s novel.

Later, I revisited Seempli and did a creativity exercise from the Master Your Creativity page.

I also did some brainstorming for an upcoming competition.



I started out the day with another Seempli prompt, turning a visual, image-capture task into a freewriting prompt.



I tried another Seempli prompt, turning it into a freewriting exercise again. I have quite enjoyed doing that this week, giving myself a little creativity challenge, just to write whatever comes to mind.

Then I read and commented on some more of my friend’s novel.

Later, I reviewed the book I finished during the day.



I wrote my GYWO discussion post for the month.

I also added this month’s submission opportunities from Writing Magazine to my rolling spreadsheet.



I reviewed a filmed version of the stage Phantom of the Opera we watched the night before.

Later, I did another random Seempli prompt.


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