Weeknotes – S04E21 – The Scattershot Approach


A bit scattershot this week, and no real progress on any of my current fiction projects. Hey ho. Maybe next week…



I did some story planning and writing scheduling.

I also helped Bear with a post about a submission he made recently to an online magazine.

Later, I did some submissions of my own.



I read and commented on a flash fiction piece for a friend.

I wrote a review of a book I finished the day before.

I did another Seempli prompt.



I played a new game and wrote a review of it.



I attended Boss Club with Claire of CP’s Day Off and wrote my script for the next main podcast episode.



I pulled out a random journal from 2008 to flick through and found a reference to a writing project I conceived of years ago, to compile a record of significant memories from the first 24 years of my life (when I started journaling properly).

So, I found the notebook I had planned to use, which still contained the list of over 150 stories/memories to record, and I began adding to them again.



I wrote another couple of memories in my anecdotes book, and did another Seempli prompt.

I also put together a schedule for the next day’s URW online session, in the hopes of motivating myself to get on with some actual fiction writing.



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