Weeknotes – S03E47 – Not Sure It Counts


I’ve recorded this week as seven straight writing days, but I’m not sure any of them really count as that, as I’ve only done blog posts, admin and reviews. But I’m recording it that way anyway and vowing to do better next week!



I found out I’d won a writing competition I entered back in September, with a comedy science-fiction story, written to a specific prompt in a 48-hour window – so that was very satisfying!

I also helped Bear with his post about our latest reading retreat.



I did some scheduling and planning.



I caught up on some reviews.



I reviewed the books I read on reading retreat over the weekend.



More reviews!



I did a ton of submissions and tracked and chased a few that have had no response.

I also created a plotting spreadsheet for Beneath the Tree to record the scene plan and track my progress.

Dave and I recorded the next main episode for the podcast and I edited it.



I wrote yet another review.


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