Weeknotes – S03E48 – New Writing Community


Much improved in terms of actual writing done and feeling productive this week, largely due to the support and encouragement of TL;DR Writers!



After errands in Enfield in the morning, I took myself off to Good and Proper to try and get in a decent stretch of writing before meeting Dave for dinner and the theatre.

I recently joined the TL;DR Writers who have an active and supportive Slack community, so I checked in yesterday with my intentions for the week, and then again this morning to connect with other writers who were also trying to get stuff done today.

I started out with the most important and least appealing project, which was making drafting progress on Beneath the Tree. I have a full scene plan and the whole story in my head, so there was no excuse for not being able to write some of it. I gave myself the target of writing the next two scenes before I was allowed to have lunch. I actually broke for lunch partway through the second scene but did complete it afterwards.

Then I moved on to my Scribophile critiques on Broken Succession. I amended the bits that were easily changed as I went through, and also made notes on bigger edits to be tackled at a later date.

I looked at my editing notes for Colours but it all felt too overwhelming to launch into that, though I did clarify a few first steps to act on later in the week.

Then I started a book that Charlie and Amie from the Six Month Novel Programme sent me, about creating emotional resonance in fiction.



Back to the staple weeknotes entry – I wrote a review!



I completed a new scene for Beneath the Tree and did some Scribophile critiques.



I spent the afternoon at Picturehouse Central and completed two more scenes of Beneath the Tree. I also wrote a review.



I wrote another review.


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