Weeknotes S03E06 – Chipping Away Bit By Bit


Lots of minor progress on a variety of both big and small projects. Still a bit scattered, but I’m pleased I’m maintaining my daily writing habit.



Back to The Turk’s Head in Wapping for a session with Ann today, which evoked memories of sitting outside in the sun all last summer.

I faffed around for quite a while, answering comments on my GYWO post, reorganising my submissions spreadsheet and dealing with email. Then I pulled myself together, launched in on the Artisan rewrite and took a stab at the first chapter.

I revised the freewriting exercise from Saturday’s retreat day to fit a flash fiction competition’s requirements.

Then I started the first draft of Six-Eighty just to get past the tricky transition from brain to page.



I wrote a review of a film I watched the night before, and completed two Fic Promptly fills.



I tidied up my submissions folder, identified another couple of submission opportunities and completed a Fic Promptly fill.



I went to Write & A Pint after work, the first in a series of three linked sessions over the month. It was really fun and resulted in the start of an interesting short story that will make a good entry for an upcoming competition.



I had some thoughts about the first chapter of Artisan so made a few edits first thing, before heading into town for a Writers’ Initiative meetup.

I started with my Fringe Guru review for the week, then moved on to a review for my latest audiobook.

Then I headed back to Chapter Two of Artisan for rewrites.

I typed up the start of the short story from last night, then continued on for a bit.

I finished off by doing the first prompt from Week Two of The Common Weekly Writes.



I wrote a review of a film I went to see yesterday.



I met Geena in town for a writing session, and started with Fic Promptly, just to get myself going.

I took a look back at the non-fiction prompt from Week One of The Common Weekly Writes and started an essay based on the notes I took.

I was feeling pretty scattered, so I decided to type up some of the notes from my current notebook as they were piling up.

The whole time, Geena was reading through the first draft of Colours and making notes, so afterwards we talked about what changes needed to be made and where I could go from where I’d got to.


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