Weeknotes – S03E07 – Fighting Through Pain


I did something unfortunate to my neck over the weekend so had difficulty focusing and being productive this week, but I still wrote or planned or organised or brainstormed at least a little bit every day, and that’s very definitely a win.



I had to wait in for a delivery so I did my best to focus on some writing at home.

I started off with my Fringe Guru review for the show I saw the night before.

Then I did this week’s Fandom Weekly entry and added submission opportunities from Writing Magazine to my spreadsheet.

I finished off by completing the first draft of the essay I started the day before.



I was struggling with neck and shoulder pain this week, but still managed to just about record a writing day today with a review of the previous night’s cinema trip.



I had several hours between an appointment and this week’s Vaults shows so I ensconced myself at Waterloo for a session.

I started with a review of the previous night’s theatre trip. Then I moved on to Six-Eighty in an attempt to make it in to a proper story. I named the characters, which always helps, and came up with some additional information to flesh out the plot.

Then it was back to Artisan for Chapter Three.

I took a break to tweak something I wrote last summer to fit an upcoming competition and to revise an article for submission to a mindfulness magazine.



I wrote one of my Fringe Guru reviews for the week.

I was meant to go to Write & A Pint after work but my neck was still hurting so I just went home.



I wrote my other Fringe Guru review for the week and also a review of the book I finished the night before.

Sean from Write & A Pint sent me the exercises from the previous night’s session and I worked through them, completing a first draft of the story I started in the first session.

I also read through a draft of an essay I wrote recently and tweaked it slightly for submission.



I completed twelve competition, magazine and anthology submissions.




I found another submission opportunity for a homeless piece of flash fiction.

I also did some planning and some reading.


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