Weeknotes – S03E05 – Ready To Launch



Still writing every day so far, and it’s not feeling like too much of a chore. And a couple of projects are now at the stage when I need to really launch into the meat of the work.




I started with Day Three of Write With One Story 2019, then went on to Writers’ Block Detox, which gets more complicated in the last week as you have to decide whether to carry on with the daily prompts or start to build an actual short story. I used the provided outlining sheet and my Dixit tarot deck to generate ideas for an upcoming submission opportunity. Then I did today’s task of coming up with daily prompts to inspire sections of the planned story.


I wrote a review of the book I finished yesterday, and completed this week’s Fandom Weekly entry.




Usual session of WBD prompt and One Story Day Four.


Then I did a Fic Promptly fill to keep up my trend of answering every post so far this year.


I also did some more work on the Fantastic Writer book in preparation for the Artisan rewrite.




I did today’s WBD prompt, which was also brainstorming and making notes for an upcoming short story submission.


I went to two more shows at The Vaults and wrote a first draft of one of my reviews on the way home.




I did the next WBD-based prompt for my Six-Eighty story.


Then I finished both reviews from last night’s Vaults shows and sent them off to the editor.


I also finished the Fantastic Writer book, ready to launch into the Artisan rewrite over the weekend.


I wrote another couple of reviews, just for my own blog, then took a look at the first week’s hand-out from The Common workshop.


I finished off with a specific plan for my writing retreat day on Saturday and a more general plan in my writing diary for February.




I continued with the WBD-prompted SixEighty development and also wrote a review of a book I finished on my way home.




I went to an Out On The Page retreat day, which started with a freewriting exercise based on a selected photograph. I wrote a 700-word piece that I was very happy with, so I submitted it for this week’s Fandom Weekly competition, as it co-incidentally fit the theme and original pieces are allowed.


Then I set to work putting together a proper plan for the Artisan rewrite, based on the publisher’s reader report and the notes I took when reading How To Be A Fantastic Writer. I condensed what I need to do into a list of bullet points that fits onto one side of A4. Now I just have to actually get on with it!


After lunch, I found an old piece to fit an upcoming submission opportunity, did today’s WBD prompt for the Six-Eighty story (coming up with a really great ending that I had been struggling to figure out), and looked at the second and third prompts from The Common Weekly Writes.




Just chilling at home today, with some writing crowbarred into the afternoon.


I reviewed a film we watched earlier in the week and wrote my GYWO discussion post for the month. Then I wrote a blog post about how many projects I have on the go at the moment.


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