Weeknotes – S02E26 – Finding My Groove Again


Getting back into the swing of things slowly, and very much enjoying not having any Artisan editing to do…



Planned as my first full writing day post-Winchester, so I had a long list of things to work on. I met Ann and Baby R at the Turk’s Head in Wapping, and started by catching up on reviews.

Then I went back to the WIP Big Bang story, which hasn’t been getting much attention lately, and is the only thing on my list at the moment with a deadline – and that deadline is really looming! I added nearly 1500 words, which was very pleasing, though it’s still 500 words too short overall.

Deciding a week was enough space, I went through my notebook from Winchester and compiled all the feedback on my submission documents, while it was still relatively fresh in my mind.



I collated some more Artisan feedback and scanned the opening chapter with all the annotations from one of the Winchester agents.

I also wrote a review of our next Family Book Club book.



I wrote a review of my latest audiobook and compiled my review stats for the first half of 2018.

I also completed my GYWO habit pledge for the year, as this was my 120th writing day of 2018! So, now I have to see if I can double it to hit the next pledge level of 240 days by the end of the year.


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