Weeknotes – S02E27 – Renewed impetus for the second half of the year!


I got a lot done this week, and worked on writing projects every day but Tuesday, which felt really good. Just because I’ve completed my 120 habit pledge for the year already, doesn’t mean I should stop working at my writing!



Back to Wapping to enjoy the sunshine at The Turk’s Head with Ann.

I started off by adding another 150 words to my WIP Big Bang story. It ended up still technically 200 words too short, but I really don’t think it can take any more padding, and I suspect it’s close enough that the moderators won’t make an issue of it. Or at least I hope so!

Then I moved on to planning the new POV strand for Colours. It’s been months since I’ve even really thought about this story, so it was a bit daunting to launch back into it, but also exciting. I located my notes and read through them all, then started plotting out the scenes I need to thread through what I’ve already got. The structure of this project is already quite experimental, and the new POV is only going to add to that, so I hope it works.

My next task was to take an 850 word story and create two new versions – one at 1000 words and one at 700 words for two upcoming submission opportunities.

I edited another short story for a different submission opportunity.

I noodled around for a bit, checking for competition results and identifying new places to send a few other stories that had recently been rejected or revised.

I picked an upcoming submission opportunity I didn’t already have a story for, and used my tarot deck and fantasy picture grid to brainstorm ideas for something new.

I finished off the day by typing up some notes from my current notebook.



I wrote a review of the book I finished yesterday.



I went to Le Pain Quotidien after work but discovered I’d left my Bluetooth keyboard on since Monday and it was dead, so had to revise my writing plan. I brainstormed the new short story (which was really successful and resulted in a full plot outline), then read some more of Bird by Bird.



I wrote a review of the excellent audiobook I finished listening to today.



I added the latest submission opportunities from Writing Magazine to my rolling spreadsheet.

I also went through the latest feedback on Artisan and created a grid of contradictions.



I spent three hours completing fifteen submissions to publication opportunities and competition.

I also finally got round to watching the first part of the Writing the Other webinar on whether writers should write characters who are different to them, which was very interesting. I made some notes afterwards on the most important points.


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