S02E28 – Writing every day? Surely not!


Little and often seems to be the trend for this week. I think I generally prefer having a couple of long sessions during the week and not worrying about it the rest of the time, but it’s good to know I can keep my momentum going, even when I don’t have a whole free day for a proper writing date.



I went to No Grammar Required, a freewriting workshop run by a lovely lady named Claire. We wrote about pens and it was awesome.



I did some research for this month’s GYWO discussion post about writing good description.



I met Hannah after work and did some more to my WIP Big Bang story, as I realised the dog disappeared half way through, so I needed to track through the second half and insert him back in.

I wrote the first scene of the new POV strand in Colours and also wrote the first few sentences of the Celestial Intern story. So, at least I now have something to build on for both of those projects, which I’ve been struggling to get started with in the last few weeks.



I reviewed the current GYWO Book Club book and also the audiobook I finished today.



I helped Bear post about joining in with today’s protest march against Trump.



I did a review of The Incredibles 2.



I attempted another home-based writing day, starting with a comprehensive list of everything I wanted to complete and in what order.

I started by drafting this month’s GYWO discussion post, ready to put it up next weekend.

Then I posted the completed WIP Big Bang story, ready to go live later in the month.

I moved on to editing an awesome piece of fiction my brother wrote recently. It didn’t need much work, and I hope to see more of it soon.

I concluded with a blog post about Monday’s freewriting meetup, which I plan to attend again tomorrow.


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