Weeknotes – S02E30 – Slowly Ramping Up


Still mostly reviews and very little fiction writing, but some good planning progress ready for going on retreat next week.



I reviewed a book I gave up reading yesterday.



I got the best kind of rejection from a publisher today:

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider this one. After reading and discussing it, we’ve decided we can’t use it at this time. Good luck placing it elsewhere. You write well. Not this one, but maybe your next one. Send us another story, please.”

Which means more than one person actually read my story; they seriously considered it; they think it’s good enough to be published, just not by them right now; but they also want to publish something I’ve written – which is all awesome.

So I sent them another story!



I wrote some more notes for the Celestial Intern story, both before and after having a really useful and awesome idea-generating chat with Geen about it.



I wrote a review of a film we went to see last night.



I reviewed the audiobook I finished listening to yesterday.

I also wrote a short poem for a GYWO prompt.


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