Weeknotes – S07E37 – Slacking Off Is Allowed


I slacked off a bit this week – so future me is going to be annoyed with me next week! Still, I got a certain amount one and it’s important to take breaks!



Back to work after a long weekend off!

I edited a chunk of the supernatural thriller and wrote reviews for the three books I read while I was away.



I wrote a review of the film I watched the night before.

I also wrote some more robot stories for my anthology.

Then I wrote a long-intended blog post about trying to juggle novel revisions with the new novel that’s clamouring to be written.

I also submitted Legacy to a raft of small independent presses, as I was getting discouraged on the agent front. But then I checked some websites of agents I’d previously identified as suitable and they were open for submissions so I queried them too.

I was very pleased to have completed a load of non-paid-work stuff I’d been meaning to get to for ages – this is why it’s good to have days off paid work sometimes!



I edited the next chunk of the supernatural thriller.



I reached the halfway point of the supernatural thriller and sent it back to the author for review and approval to carry on. He was enthusiastic about my comments and authorise the second half.

I wrote a review of an excellent concert we attended the night before.



I wrote a review of a book I finished the day before and also wrote the rest of the robot stories, in the last of Claire P’s Sunday night focus sessions.


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