Weeknotes – S07E36 – Allowable Dip


Not a massively productive week this week, but that’s okay. I still got all the important things done! Plans to revitalise a better work ethic next week…



I cracked on with editing the prison memoir and also started editing a book from a new client – a horror thriller.



I checked the tax book pdfs to ensure all the amendments had been made, then also edited more of the prison memoir.

I wrote a review of a book and prepped for the next podcast episode, as well as filming the September batch of videos for Stanley’s Instagram feed.



I finished editing the second prison memoir and sent it back to the client.

I also edited all the Stanley videos, added captions and music.

Later, we recorded the next podcast episode and I helped Bear with a post about our recent trip to Wales.



I confirmed all the changes to the tax books and submitted a sample edit for a prospective client.

I also wrote reviews of a book and a game.


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