Weeknotes – S05E52 – Merry Christmas!


I didn’t manage to complete all my current paid editing projects before Christmas, but only because they were delayed by the clients. Otherwise, I had a very productive week with writing and editing, and also managed to take some time off and relax a bit!



I started my last writing/editing week of the year with the next scene of Machine.

I then read and prepared feedback on Revision Club extracts, ready for tomorrow’s meeting.

After lunch, I completed my last scoring assignment for the Ink & Insights competition, then edited the penultimate section of the alternate history novel.

I finished my comments on the giant memoir and submitted it back to the author for review and approval.

Then I did a few Legacy revisions.



As editing the rest of the children’s fantasy novel had been delayed to the new year, I rejigged my schedule, so as to get everything else on my list completed by the end of today, giving me an extra day’s holiday over Christmas!

So, I started with the next scene of Machine, then completed another set of Legacy revisions.

My final paid editing task for the year was completing the alternate history novel, which I then submitted to the author for review and approval.

After lunch, the fortnightly Revision Club feedback session took place, so I attended that and took part in the discussion.

I did some submissions with end-of-year deadlines, and that was it!



I did some more submissions and also wrote some notes for Machine.



6:43am, Christmas Day – but the subconscious crew were hard at work, coming up with a much more exciting climax for Machine than the one in my current outline, so I got up and made some extensive notes about the ending, which was thus much improved!

I also wrote a review of a book I finished the night before and then, later, another review of a book I finished during the day!


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