Weeknotes – S05E50 – A Bit Too Much On


Lots of paid editing going on, but not as much work on the novels as I’d hoped. I’m definitely learning that it’s not all that feasible to work on two novels at once, while also juggling a busy work schedule!



I wasn’t sure about going to the cafe today, as it was so cold last week, and we’d had a busy weekend. But I decided it would be good for my productivity, so I layered up and went along.

I started with the next scene of Machine, which was ticking along very nicely – I reached the halfway point of the first draft today!

Then I looked at the feedback I’d got from the Revision Club folks on Legacy and edited the opening scenes a bit.

I edited a newsletter for one of my regular clients, and then edited a children’s story for a new client.

I started a new editing project on a book about writing, which was fun. Then, after lunch, I started another new editing project on an alternate history novel, which was also fun.

I alternated those two projects until it was time to go home.



I started out today by making a few additional amendments to the opening scene of Legacy.

Then I edited another long article for one of my newer clients.

Next on the list was starting a big new project, editing a children’s fantasy novel for a new client. It had taken a while to get the project up and running and today’s work involved close editing of the first two chapters. This ended up taking rather a lot longer than I’d anticipated, but it was a really fun story to read, so I didn’t mind too much.

I managed another section of the alternate history novel, but had to rejig my schedule a bit, since I needed to stop work before 4pm, so I could go out to meet a friend for dinner and the ballet!



I did an extensive sample edit for a potentially big project, provided feedback for three more submissions to the TL;DR romance anthology, wrote a review of a book I finished the day before, ran a previously edited manuscript through Grammarly to catch any extraneous errors, and added submission opportunities to my spreadsheet from this month’s Writing Magazine.

Later, I wrote two more reviews.

Not quite as much of a day off as I’d planned…



I did my habitual trick of counting up the weeks to my (reasonably arbitrary) novels deadline, and how many scenes/revisions I would have to do each week to meet it – with a view, of course, to giving myself an excuse not to work on them today. But I called myself to task and settled down to write the next scene of Machine.

Then I edited Chapters 3 and 4 of the children’s fantasy novel, which continued to be a lot of fun.

Next on the list was editing more of the book about writing, to round the day off.

Later, I wrote a review of an audiobook I finished earlier in the day. And later still, I read and offered comments on a short story for one of the TL;DR writers.



I thought about going to the cafe today, but I decided against it.

I started with some more Legacy revisions, which had fallen by the wayside a bit this week.

Then it was back to the children’s fantasy novel, to edit Chapter 5.

Next on the list was editing the next section of the alternate history novel.

After lunch, I discussed some of the edits to the children’s fantasy novel with the author, then edited a couple of blog articles for regular clients.

I completed editing on the penultimate section of the book about writing, then ran through a revised copy of a friend’s novel and sent her some feedback on the new aspects.


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