Weeknotes – S07E44 – Must Find My Work Ethic


This was technically a seven-day writing week, though it didn’t feel like I did an awful lot – either of paid work or my own projects. Must resurrect a decent work ethic next week, as I suddenly have quite a lot on!



I wrote a review of a book I finished over the weekend.



After a complete failure to launch yesterday, I finally got myself in gear and started going through Dave’s comments on Darkness and adding notes to my revision plan.

I also did some marketing research for my freelance editing and looked into joining some editing associations.

The Revision Club session was – AMAZING – everyone was really lovely and gave me tons of great positive comments about the opening of Darkness, as well as some brilliant criticism and ideas for changes/improvement. The session ended with me feeling much more enthused about the revision process and much more confident that the story is worth working on.



I completed comments on the opening of a memoir for a new client.

Then I prepped for recording the next podcast episode.

Dave and I looked at each other’s responses to the latest Writing Club prompts, discussed our reactions, and then I came up with the next set of prompts.



I wrote a review of a book I finished the night before.

I also continued editing the next few chapters of the women’s fiction book project I started a couple of weeks ago because the author had the next section ready.



I finished editing the women’s fiction chapters and sent them back to the author for review and approval.

I also went through the Revision Club feedback on the Darkness scenes I submitted to the group last week.

Dave and I looked at a couple of the stories in the Nothing Much Happens book to analyse the descriptive writing.

Later, Dave and I recorded the next podcast episode.



I finally got around to recording all Stanley’s Instagram videos for November, in the nick of time as the next one was due to be posted today.

I also signed off on the book cover for Meditations, which was exciting!

Later, I tracked through all my open submissions and ticked off all the newly unsuccessful ones.



I wrote a review of an audiobook I finished.


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