Weeknotes – S07E43 – Must Try Harder


My work ethic has definitely taken a nose-dive again, despite external accountability strategies – must try harder!



I edited the next chapter of the spiritual book and also went through a submission package for a women’s fiction novel in detail.

Dave and I also looked at extracts from another book to analyse the descriptive writing.

The subconscious crew demonstrated that they’d got back into thinking about Darkness by presenting me with some great ideas for the new narrative threads, so I added to my notes.

I also attended the introductory session for the Editors Learn Together unconference, which was great!



I completed editing on two more chapters of the spiritual book and also went through my editor’s comments on Darkness, in preparation for Revision Club starting today.

The introductory Revision Club session was awesome – it’s always great to spend time with Charlie and Amie, and now I have a supportive group of four other women writers to join me on my revision journey for the next few months. I gained some interesting insight into the ‘why’ behind my current novel and also came up with some great comps to use once I get to the querying stage. I also made some more notes on my revision plan.

After the session, I prepared the two scenes I’d like critiqued at next week’s session and sent them off to the group.



I did a couple of submissions and also updated all my publications on the ALCS website.

Later, I did my draft pieces for this week’s Writing Club prompts.



I had a great conversation with a freelancer/writer friend about my freelancing concerns and also my epic masterpiece ambitions/fears for Wizard. It was great to chat through everything with someone who truly understands all aspects – and he was very encouraging on all fronts!



I came up with some interesting ideas for the magic system in Wizard so I added to my notes.


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