Weeknotes – S07E45 – Divided Work Ethic


I certainly got lots of paid work done this week – not so great on my own projects – my work ethic only seems to extend to things with money/external deadlines attached!



Definite requirement to resurrect my work ethic today, as I had lots of paid work to do, as well as lots of my own projects to work on – so I made the commitment to sit at my desk like a proper worker bee!

I worked on four paid editing projects – the next sections of both the spiritual meditation book and the women’s fiction novel, as well as starting two new ones – a book about numerology and a comic book script. It felt like a lot, after not having much work over the last few weeks, but I knuckled down and was really pleased when I completed everything on my list.

I also read and commented on the extracts sent by one of the Revision Club writers, ready for tomorrow’s session.

I managed to fit in some revision planning Darkness – still going through all Dave’s comments – and also editing Stanley’s Instagram videos for the rest of November.



I finished editing the latest chapters of the women’s fiction novel and also reached the halfway point in editing the numerology book.

Today’s Revision Club session was great, as ever – though I wrote this month’s GYWO discussion post during the focus part, rather than working on my novel. I did make a couple of notes for Darkness, though, based on the critique discussion for one of the other writers.



I continued with my two current paid editing projects – the numerology book and the women’s fiction novel.



I meant to do a ‘full’ day’s work in Central London today, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

I did finish editing the numerology book and also another chunk of the women’s fiction novel.

Much later in the day, I also managed to review a book I finished on the train – and that was it…



Contrary to my usual schedule, I resolved to try and do a ‘proper’ work/writing day today – at the weekend! This was partly due to my shocking lack of work ethic the day before, but mostly because I wanted to clear my docket of client projects before going on retreat on Monday. It was also because my stated intention at this week’s Revision Club session was to work on Darkness on at least three days – and I hadn’t done any yet…

I spent about three hours finishing the editing on the penultimate section of the women’s fiction novel and also read and made comments on this week’s Revision Club extract.

So I cleared all my external obligations – but didn’t manage to get to my own projects.



I looked up a ton of small-to-medium presses in the UK and contacted a load of them about potential freelance editing opportunities.

I wrote a review of a musical we went to see the night before and also of an audiobook I finished earlier in the day.

Later, I knuckled down to do at least a little bit of work on Darkness revisions, as I was running out of days to complete my Revision Club target. I had a play around with the structure and came up with some ideas for expansion and inclusion of more depth.


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