Weeknotes – S08E07 – Achieving Balance


Properly back into the swing of things on the paid work front, and also quite a lot of progress on my projects/development – yay!



I actually sat at my desk to work today, which felt weird, but was probably better for my back than slouching on the sofa (confirmed by my osteopath later on)…

I copy edited some affirmation cards for a new client and also went through comments on the spiritual meditation book I edited last year.

Then I went back to the chunky romance novel and got really stuck into editing that.



I finished editing the first section of the romance novel and sent it back to the author for review and approval.

Then I started editing a new prison memoir from my publisher client.

After lunch, it was the penultimate Revision Club session, in which we all said we didn’t want it to end, and planned to carry on having Tuesday sessions indefinitely!

During the focus session part, I read the rewritten opening of a TL;DR writer’s novel I’d given feedback on a few months ago – and gave him some more feedback.

I also wrote a review of the very interesting film we went to see the night before. I also went through all the notes from my most recent mentoring session and added new tasks to my my business development/marketing list.

Later, I completed the CIEP Level 1 Proofreading course and passed on the first try, which was a big relief. Then I looked at the catalogue to choose a new course to embark upon and found several that sounded interesting – enough to get the required training points to reach Professional Level.



I added some more notes to my plan to create newsletter subscriber exclusive resources.

I also wrote a review of the second season of the Reacher TV series.



I cracked on with editing the prison memoir first thing. 

Then, in the first part of this morning’s online focus session I took a break from prison to write my GYWO discussion post for the month and read some more of the Networking for Editors book, in preparation for the book club meeting this evening. I used the information in the book and the notes from my latest mentoring session to do some updates to my website. I also did a bit of the introductory reading for the CIEP Copy Editing Level 1 course I signed up to do next.

In the second part of the focus session, I went back to edit some more of the prison memoir.

After lunch, I worked on a free resource of extra journal prompts as a sign-up gift to new subscribers to Stanley the Bear’s newsletter.

Later, I finished my current audiobook while out on a walk, and wrote my review.

I also went back to the CIEP Copy Editing course and did a bit more of that.



I worked on editing the prison memoir in the morning, and also wrote a blog post and did some more of the CIEP course.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have carried on with anything into the afternoon, if I hadn’t arranged a session with my focus buddies, so that continued to be a very successful endeavour!

I completed my scheduled editing on the prison memoir, then finally started working on my new short story again. I also managed to get some more marketing activity done on my newsletter lead magnets, read some more of the Networking for Editors book and did some more of the CIEP course. – so a very productive afternoon!



I was feeling keen so I did a bit more of the CIEP copy editing course.


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