Weeknotes – S08E08 – Back to Cooking on Gas


I’ve got a good amount of paid work lined up for the next couple of weeks and big plans for my own business development and writing – and this past week was good on all fronts too!



I started a really interesting new client project – editing and adding to the rules and materials for a card game. I also did a chunk more editing on the prison memoir.

Then I did a couple of submissions with upcoming deadlines.



This turned out to be a very productive day, despite feeling very unmotivated yesterday and then not getting much sleep (because my brain was busily writing my dragon story at 3am).

I completed the first round of edits on the card game and sent it back to the author for feedback, then edited a decent chunk of the prison memoir.

It was the last official Revision Club session after lunch and we did a lovely workshop, reflecting on our goals, our achievements and our next steps. It was an awesome love-fest all round and everyone was delighted to know that sessions would be continuing unofficially on an indefinite basis.

After that, I provided feedback on a newsletter for one of my business mastermind group members, created an initial lead magnet for my own newsletter, and also went back into the card game materials to do some more work, based on feedback from the client.

Later, I realised I had somehow linked to the wrong version of the lead magnet when asking for feedback and thought I’d lost all the work I’d done to edit it and make the layout attractive, which was very demoralising.

A good long chat with the members of my other business mastermind group about overwhelm, prioritising, culling things from to-do lists and generally finding more balance really helped.



I found the edited version of my lead magnet in my Downloads folder, which made me feel like an idiot – but at least I hadn’t spent ages redoing it!

In the afternoon, I set aside some time to try and write a first draft of my tea dragon story. It was slow going but I made it to the end of a first draft and sent it out to lots of lovely people for feedback.



I went into town early and settled in a cafe to work – I finished editing the prison memoir and let the client know it was ready to send upon confirmation of payment. Then I discovered the file had somehow accepted all the tracked changes while running it through Antidote, so none of my edits were showing! I panicked for a while, then remembered I could compare the original file to my version and get Word to put all the tracked changes back in…

Later, I went through the feedback I’d received on my lead magnet, did some more edits, then loaded it onto my website, along with my latest blog entry, and put together the next instalment of my newsletter, ready to go out the next day.

I did all the upcoming submissions with February deadlines and then worked on some more of the CIEP copy editing course.



I passed the CIEP Copy Editing Level 1 course, so I applied to upgrade to Intermediate membership.

I also completed developmental comments on the nature philosophy book I’ve been editing off and on for a long time.

The afternoon included my third mentoring session, which was great, as ever, and gave me a more structured plan for reaching Professional level in the CIEP, as well as reassuring me it would be worth it and making me feel a bit better about tackling the dreaded editing test.

Later, I did some final checks on the card game for my new client.



I wrote a review of an audiobook I decided not to finish.


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