Weeknotes – S08E09 – Work Picking Up Again


My paid work picked up again with some great new projects, and I was very happy with revisions to my short story.



New client projects across the board – yay!

I started editing a book about life skills for teens, which required some tonal adjustment.

I also started reading the novel by one of my Revision Club friends, which required careful handling – but I needn’t have worried because the opening sections at least are gorgeous.

I also caught up on some webinar recordings and did some preparation for the CIEP editing test.



I continued editing both the teen book and the novel.

After lunch, it was the first continuation session of Revision Club. I had sent the group the first draft of my tea dragon story and got lots of very enthusiastic responses and also lots of great feedback on how to improve it, so that was awesome.

We talked about next steps for each of our novels and I promised I would work on revisions to my fifth novel, A Darkness Divided, in the focus part of the session.

So, I faffed around for ages, obtaining resources to prep further for the CIEP editing course and planning out my tasks for the rest of the day.

Then I realised I didn’t have to actually launch in to rewriting the existing first scene of Darkness, because I could write the prologue-y type ‘official document’ thing, detailing The DreamWalker Cycle, so I did that.



I edited a blog post for Dave and also wrote a review of the book I finished the day before.



It was back to paid editing work this morning, with progress made on both the teen book and the novel.

I really didn’t want to do anything in the afternoon, but I was due to run a focus session so I made a deal with myself that, if I turned up and focused hard, I could have the whole of tomorrow off. So I had some fun rearranging my schedule to make that feasible.

After lunch, I used my focus session with my wonderful accountability buddies to do revisions to the tea dragon story and then sent the new version to my editor, Amie, for further feedback.

I also wrote next month’s blog post, all about business mastermind groups, and did my month-end reflection in my Urban Writers’ Retreat diary. And, since I still had some focus time left, I worked on my lead magnet resource thingie for next month, too!



One of my favourite TL;DR writers posted a story for feedback, so I devoured that and offered some comments.

My blog client also popped up with a short piece of text to review, so I did that too, and it turned out to be a bit more complicated than anticipated. I also broke my no evenings rule by looking at it again at 10pm – but it was only one sentence…

But I mostly took today off!



I wrote reviews for two films I watched over the weekend.

I also contravened my 2024 boundaries theme again by answering another quick query from my blog client… But it was only one question… If it had been a whole new piece of text, I would have waited until Monday…


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