Weeknotes – S08E06 – People are Paying Me Again!


I’m back in the game with some awesome paid editing work, so that feels good! Now I just need to rediscover my work ethic and find some balance with my own creative projects…



I was still feeling as if I wasn’t really getting anywhere so far this year – but posting my Weeknotes last week showed me that isn’t true, so I decided to try and be a bit more positive about things!

I did some more work for my blog client, and also recorded and edited all Stanley’s Instagram videos for March, so that put me quite a bit ahead of schedule on that.

Then I edited the most recent episode of the podcast, which also made me feel better about things, as the schedule for that was getting back on track, too.

After lunch, I used the focus session to carry on with the CIEP proofreading course, which got a bit better once it moved on from hard-copy proofreading symbols to pdf-editing.

In the evening, I attended my first meeting of my second business mastermind group, which proved extremely useful in generating ideas about increasing my email newsletter audiences and also creating some resources to sell on my website.



I had a sample edit due for a prospective client with a very interesting project, so I started with that today.

Then I went through the most recent Writing Magazine and collected a few submission opportunities to add to my list.

I also contacted a few people for advice about finding editing work, collated my notes from the previous night’s mastermind group meeting, and updated my Reedsy profile to see if I could get approved for their directory.

After lunch, it was Revision Club, which is always a joy – and I used the focus session in the second half to add all the rest of my revision notes into the outline for my fifth novel, now renamed A Darkness Divided. That was such a great achievement as I’d wanted to get it done before Christmas – but we are where we are.

I also did a bit more work on the CIEP proofreading course.



I wrangled with a couple of prospective clients throughout the day, resulting in: one job I turned down, one job I did a sample edit for and will hope to hear more about later in the week – and one contract actually agreed, set up and confirmed!

So, yay for more work and potentially more to come – and also for turning down a project I didn’t feel fully confident about, rather than accepting work just because it’s work.



The morning’s scheduled focus session had the highest attendance to date and it seemed like everyone got a satisfying amount of stuff done.

I started my new client project – a chunky romance novel that I’m already thoroughly enjoying, as well as feeling like I’m adding a lot of value with my edits – yay!

I also went through several resources people had recommended or sent to me that had been hanging around in my inbox for a while, which felt good.

After lunch, I read through the extract for next week’s Revision Club and made my comments on it.

Later, I had my second online session with my editing mentor. I went in, thinking we wouldn’t have much to talk about – and I came out with a huge list of more things to do to enhance my business and improve my marketing! So, yay again for mentoring! We talked about lead magnets, email newsletters and niches – and it was all incredibly useful and inspiring.



I wrote a review of a short computer game we played earlier in the week.



I wrote a review of a book I finished the day before.


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