Weeknotes S03E03 – Lots of Planning



Glad to be maintaining a daily habit, but I do feel as if I’m doing a lot of planning and a lot of noodling around, but not really actually getting on with anything substantial. Hopefully that will change next week with some proper scheduled writing sessions with other people.




Made good use of a train journey to complete today’s Writers’ Block Detox prompt. Then finally got around to watching a Writing the Other seminar about creating asexual characters, which was extremely pertinent to a short story I’ve been trying to get done for over two years and which I’ve allocated to a submission opportunity with a deadline of the end of February.


I talked through a short story idea with a friend and came up with some interesting thoughts.




I did the Writers’ Block Detox prompt for today.


I also heard back from Etre that they had decided not to accept any of the pieces I submitted for the first prompt. I decided not to continue as a staff writer, as I don’t feel I can provide what they’re looking for and I also think our processes are incompatible. It’s a shame, but it wasn’t a good fit and I have plenty of other projects to work on.




I did the now habitual WBD prompt and then some planning for big writing sessions I have scheduled for the rest of the week.




I started with today’s WBD prompt. Then I caught up on some reviews and did some more planning. It turned out to be quite complicated, now I’ve got multiple projects with varying deadlines to work out.


I also wrote and submitted an entry for this week’s Hour of Writes competition, which I haven’t done for a while.




I helped Bear post about last weekend’s reading retreat, then did another review.


I did today’s WBD prompt.


Then I did some submissions.




I meant to get up early, head into town and do a proper focused session.


I did get up early, but I stayed at home and didn’t settle down to write until noon, at which point I amusingly spent fifteen minutes reading an article about procrastination…


Then I did today’s WBD prompt and wrote this month’s GYWO discussion post, which went really well and may turn into another article to try and sell.




I started, as usual, with today’s WBD prompt, then did some planning for next week.


Then I completed some fanfic shorts for the various challenge groups I take part in.


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