Weeknotes – S03E02 – Exciting Things Are Afoot!


My 2019 goals are underway and looking closer to completion than ever. There’s a lot of work to do, but I’m excited to get started and see where it takes me.



A good and proper writing session at Good & Proper with Ann.

I initially got distracted for a while by the internet, but eventually settled down with the first Writers’ Block Detox prompt and a raft of reviews.

I filled a couple of prompts on Fic Promptly and then turned my attention to the non-fiction article I was working on, completing a first draft.



I completed today’s Writers’ Bock Detox prompt. Yesterday’s came out funny, but this one went very dark. I really enjoy exercises like this, as the results are always unexpected, and it’s nice sometimes just to write without a plan or a purpose.

I also filled another Fic Promptly request.



I did my daily Writers’ Block Detox prompt and Fic Promptly fill.

Then I added the latest submission opportunities from Writing Magazine to my rolling spreadsheet.

Next I checked the length and style of articles in Writing Magazine and redrafted my article to better fit the requirements.



I did the Writers’ Block Detox prompt for the day.

I also got further feedback from the publisher who was considering Artisan. They gave me very specific advice as to what to look at and said they ‘would expect to accept it for publication’ after a further rewrite. I jumped up and down a lot.



I did the Writers’ Block Detox prompt and both a Fic Promptly fill and an entry for this week’s Fandom Weekly contest. I also did some reviews.



I settled for just the Writers’ Block Detox prompt today as writing was not my focus.



I thought is was just going to be the WBD prompt again today. But I’d already written 4500 words this week, which is a lot for me, so I was very happy with progress so far.

But then I got all worked up about one of the books I was reading on retreat and decided I needed to write the review immediately before starting a new book.

I also got an editorial evaluation on Colours which was very positive and had lots of useful suggestions so I’m excited to get back to that.


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