Weeknotes – S03E01 – Start As You Mean To Go On!


Very happy with the start to my 2019 writing. So far, I’ve worked on it every day (though I don’t intend to keep that up past January) and I’m excited about what I’m going to achieve this year.



I edited a piece of flash fiction down from 650 words to just under 300 for a competition entry.

I also identified a few other unallocated pieces that fit upcoming submission opportunities.



I did a whole load of planning – year, quarter, month, week, day.



I reviewed a new TV show we just finished watching.

Then I wrote a blog post about my writing goals for 2019.



I started work on my first non-fiction creative process article of the year.

I also signed up for an online writing class to kickstart some new story ideas, and decided to take part in the Writers’ Block Detox again, as a way to keep a daily writing habit alive, at least for January.

Then I read some notes from a writing seminar a friend went to recently.



I went into town early and settled in at Le Pain Quotidien for my first proper writing session of the year. After some faffing around with planning and list-making, I embarked on what I hope will be the final revision of Bystander for submission to Etre. The editors eventually gave me some concrete feedback, so I did my best to rewrite the piece to their specifications. Only time will tell as to whether or not I succeeded.

Next, I revisited a story I wrote some time ago and cut it down to the right length for an upcoming competition.

I rejoiced earlier in the week that, after a whole year’s break, Fandom Weekly is starting up again. So, I finished my session today by writing and submitting an entry for the first post of 2019.



Admin day!

I went through Writing Magazine and added all the new submission opportunities to my rolling spreadsheet.

Then I completed five new submissions.


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