Weeknotes – S07E17 – Goofing Off Is Sometimes Valid


I finished the novella! But I didn’t write any of the novel at all this week. I punted a fair amount of paid work to later in the month, too. But I also won an exciting new paid editing project and worked out a good schedule for the next few weeks.



I started with the 1980s novel this morning, then wrote the next scene of the novella.

I edited the next section of the yoga novel, then wrote the penultimate scene of the novella.

Then I worked on the meta novel for a bit – and wrote the last scene of the novella!

The minimum word count was 20,000 words and my first draft came in at 20,005!

I looked back over my weeknotes and I apparently started brainstorming the novella on 11 March and started the actual draft on 17 March – so I wrote 20,000 words in a month (in addition to working on the novel) – very pleased with that!

I sent the novella to my wonderful beta readers and looked forward to a well-deserved break from it, while awaiting their feedback.



Today I focused on client work – I edited the next chapter of the 1980s novel and also completed editing on the second section of the yoga novel.



I wrote a review of the book I finished the night before.



I finished the next two chapters of the 1980s novel, bringing me to the end of Part 3.

I also had a video call with an exciting new client, who commissioned me for developmental editing of her meta fantasy romance novel.



The subconscious crew turned up at 4am with lots of new ideas about Darkness. I managed to get them to let me go back to sleep and added a ton of notes to the outline during the day.



I wrote brief reviews of two books I DNF’d this week – my awesome reading streak of March has very definitely come to an end – ah, well…

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