Weeknotes – S07E14 – Trying Too Hard


Tons of writing and paid editing completed this week – everything going pretty well, though perhaps edging over into a bit too much scheduled!



After somehow failing to write any Darkness at all last week, I put it back at the top of the schedule today and managed to write the next scene, also adding some notes for the next few.

Then it was back to the client self-help book, which had also suffered a bit of neglect last week, so I edited the next section.

I also worked on both the 1980s novel and the yoga novel, and managed to fit in half of the next novella scene to boot.



Yesterday felt like a pretty long slog of ‘working’, despite supposedly only being a half-day on the new schedule (I started at 8:45am and didn’t finish until 3:30pm…) but I had the same amount of stuff scheduled for today – so I was up and ready to start at 8:45am again!

I was back to ‘eating the frog’ so I launched in with the next Darkness scene, aided by enthusiasm from the subconscious crew, who had offered up some good ideas for later scenes as I was waking up.

The rest of the day ran a very similar course to the day before – editing the self-help book, the 1980s novel and the yoga novel – and also completing the next novella scene.

It still took until 3:00pm to finish everything, but it didn’t feel as onerous as the day before.



I finished a book the night before, so I wrote my review.



I managed to write full scenes for both Darkness and the novella today, which felt good.

I also edited the penultimate section of the self-help book and the penultimate section of the first half of the yoga book.

Later, I finished yet another book and wrote my review.



Big list of stuff for today (since I didn’t quite tick everything off yesterday), so I went to the cafe, ready to start before 8:45am!

I finished editing the self-help book and sent it back to the author for review and approval.

Then I did the next Darkness scene, before heading back to the 1980s novel, which I’d skipped over the day before. I did two chapters, hitting the halfway mark.

I worked on the novella, completing not only the next scene but also adding a lot of notes to the rest of the outline. I also finished editing the first half of the yoga.

So, I hit three client milestones today, as well as working on both my personal writing projects, which all felt very satisfying!



I got some feedback on Legacy from one of the RevPit editors and came up with a plan to fix the problem before sending it out to any more agents.



I prepared for and recorded the next podcast episode and also wrote a book review.


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