Weeknotes – S05E47 – Prioritising the novels


Lots of time to spend on my own writing/creative projects this week – I made good progress on both novels and completely caught up on podcast obligations. Lots of paid editing work got added to the schedule towards the end of the week.



I finished writing my notes for the next podcast episode first thing, then settled in on the train back down from Edinburgh to complete the next scene for Machine and also do some more revisions on Legacy.

After that, I wrote a short, creative non-fiction piece for an upcoming submission opportunity and also read and made comments on more of the TL;DR writer’s novel.

Later in the journey, I reorganised my Legacy notes, so that the next few sections of revision would be easier to tackle.



I started with the next scene of Machine, then went on to start my reading and scoring for the second round of the Sixfold Short Story Competition.

I finished off my notes for the next podcast episode, then logged on to the second Revision Club call. We all caught up on progress, then settled down to work together for the rest of the allotted time. I focused on the next few revision points for Legacy and completed edits to the next two scenes.

Then I started reading and providing general comments on a lengthy memoir, which I had been expecting to start in September, but which had been delayed until now.



There was a lot of action on Upwork today, with several clients either popping up with short jobs (I edited two blog posts) or asking for sample edits, or actually confirming upcoming work.

I also completed my reading and scoring for Round Two of the Sixfold Short Story Competition, read and commented on another section of the giant memoir, and revised one of my own short stories for submission.



I wrote a review of the audiobook I finished the day before, and also provided feedback for another TL;DR romance submission.



Up and at my desk by 8:30am. I started with the next scene of Machine, reaching the end of the material from the original short story and leaving myself with only a blank page ahead! Then I wrote a new scene for Legacy, which was the start of the only major new material for that.

A regular client popped up with a blog editing job, so I did that. Then, I moved onto a new project, a lengthy political thriller. I had done a sample edit earlier in the week, and the client then asked me to complete editing on the first chapter, which I did.

I completed scoring on another Ink & Insights competition entry, then turned my attention to another new project – developmental editing on an Indian drama novel.

I read and added comments to the next chapter of the giant memoir, and also had two meetings with prospective clients. I was awarded the job from the first meeting, and started straight away with the first chapter, as the client asked for it as an introductory sample. I also did a sample edit of the introduction for the client from the second meeting, hoping that would secure me that job, too.

Later, I added some new words to Legacy.



Some new work came in from one of my regular article editing clients, so I completed that and sent it back for approval.

I also edited the last but one episode of the podcast, which I hadn’t quite got round to before we recorded the most recent one the night before.

I helped Bear with a post about our adventures climbing Arthur’s Seat.

Then I launched straight into editing the most recent podcast episode, as otherwise I knew it would end up getting left to the last minute.

So, by the end of the day, I felt like a very productive little worker bee!



I used my new awesome Story Engine deck of prompt cards to generate some interesting ideas for both novels.


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