Weeknotes – Back to Reality…

Summary: The writing retreat was both more and less successful than I’d hoped – but still a lovely way to start the year! Now I really need to get back into a proper work mindset to get back to paid editing…   Monday: I started my third full day on Urban Writers Retreat by going […]

Setting the Smallest Goal

Do you ever find that you set your expectations on yourself too high? The humans I know always seem to be so busy, always trying to get so much done in the shortest possible time. But that just makes them feel overwhelmed by their to-do list and then they feel like failures when they don’t […]

Weeknotes – S08E01 – Hurrah for Retreats!

Summary: Re-starting paid work for 2024 went a bit awry but lots of novel revision planning done on retreat!   Wednesday: It was back to work today with a new publisher client, copy editing a ‘based-on-a-true-story’ contemporary novel. I was at my desk like a proper worker bee by 9am – and did a little […]

Releasing Expectations

  Do you ever find yourself imagining what a particular future event or gathering or outing will be like? I expect everyone does! And finding joy in anticipating the future is a lovely way to add happiness to your daily life. But sometimes, putting expectations on things can cause problems.   My humans have often […]

Weeknotes – S07E50 – Gaining Control

Summary: I feel like I got control of the train a bit more this week – I got pretty much everything done that I’d planned and I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I also took some much-needed time off to relax, so I think I reached an equilibrium. I’m still really looking forward to an extended break […]

The Butterfly Effect

So, it turns out that networking is an interesting thing, which seems to generate more and more of itself, the more you do…   Which I guess makes sense – but the level to which it’s working out for me at the moment is quite astonishing!   I was thinking about putting together an email […]

Anyone’s Rift

  Fantastic Books Publishing, who published my debut novel (The Defiant Spark) ran a competition to write a piece of flash fiction, based on quotes from some of their books – I challenged myself to write something in a completely different world, based on a quote from my own book – and I placed third! […]