Weeknotes – S04E28 – Writing Every Day


My editing project for the second novel went more slowly than I’d planned, but I still worked on it every day this week, so I’m pleased with progress overall (though I’m not entirely sold on the idea of focusing on logging any number of words every day just because). I also really enjoyed working on some flash fiction and reading another writer’s novel to break up the focus on my own.



I embarked on the last set of feedback on Colours. I got about a quarter of the way through and decided to call it a day.



I started reviewing a novel for one of the TL;DR writers.

I also carried on with my final set of feedback on Colours.



Most words logged on Camp Nano in one day so far today! Not a lot in real terms, but I was still just going through my beta reader feedback, and I’m ahead on words compared to what I was expecting at the end of this first week. I didn’t manage to complete my editing plan, as scheduled, but that’s okay.

I commented on another two chapters of the novel I’m reviewing for another writer.



I continued reviewing my Colours feedback and also looked at two more chapters of the other writer’s novel.



I did a bit more revision on Colours.



Continuing the trend of the rest of the week, I spent the morning reviewing more chapters of the other writer’s novel, and continuing my revisions from the final set of feedback on Colours.

I received the prompt for the Writers Weekly 24 hour short story competition at 6pm and was entirely uninspired. But I set the subconscious crew to percolate over it during the night, in the hopes of them coming up with an idea before the deadline.



I woke up with the Writers Weekly competition prompt in my head and, over the course of about half an hour, as I dozed, the subconscious crew laid out the whole story for me.

I dialled in to the CPsDayOff writing retreat at 10am, wrote my competition entry, read it through and submitted it. Major success on the part of the subconscious crew – they are really on fire at the moment!

Then I finally finished going through the last set of feedback on Colours, ready to focus on putting together a comprehensive editing plan the next day.


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