Weeknotes – S04E29 – Intermittent Progress



Intermittent good progress this week, interspersed with a total lack of energy and motivation. I’m hoping to be able to re-establish a better routine next week for making proper in-roads into my novel revision.



I started out by clearing my email, tidying up my desk and consolidating my lists.

Then I reviewed another two chapters of the other writer’s novel before lunch.

In the afternoon, I started compiling my notes on the required Colours revisions. At first, I was really intimidated by how much work there was to do. But, as I was categorising the various aspects of the feedback and transferring them to a new section in my notebook, I started working out answers to some of the big questions and got excited about making the story better.

I also finished a book and wrote my review.



I added a few words to the Colours manuscript.



I added a few more words to the Colours manuscript.

I also finished an audiobook and wrote my review.



I finished a book and wrote my review.

I also did some submissions.

Later, Dave and I went to Hackney (him to work, me to be somewhere that wasn’t Enfield). I sat on a bench in the sunshine outside the town hall and finished transferring all my notes on Colours into the new section of my notebook. It was definitely more worthwhile, since I had a few new ideas as I did it, and it also made me feel like I’m organised enough to build a proper revision plan now.



I looked through my notes on Colours and highlighted the biggest questions still to be answered.



I went to the park and finished the book I started the day before, then wrote the review when I got home.

I did an exercise from a Start With This episode, where I wrote a small piece and then just deleted it. I was then supposed to write a different piece and share it somewhere, but I just deleted that one as well. The exercise was supposed to be about learning the freeing nature of thinking of art as disposable, and it was quite nice to write something without any intention of doing anything with it.



I added a few words to the Colours manuscript and also wrote another book review.


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