Weeknotes – S04E27 – Camp NaNoWriMo begins!


It’s been a great start to the second half of the year! I’ve cleared all but one of my short projects off my list (and worked out what I’m doing with the last one) to make way for the grand novel revision project. And I’ve processed a lot of great feedback on the novel from my wonderful beta readers, to inform my editing plan. Very happy with progress all round!



I stated my goals for the day on the UWR online session page.

Then I read through and tweaked Broken Succession and submitted it, along with a few other stories I had ready to go.

At the afternoon session, I drafted my third story for the TL;DR flash fiction workshop and edited my previous two, based on the feedback I’d received. I also revised a very old story based on feedback from an editor, and submitted that, along with my first two TL;DR pieces.

I finished off my writing session by updating my projects list, doing some end-of-quarter reflection in my writing diary and planning my writing activity for the next month. I signed up for Camp Nano and set myself the goal of completing my editing plan for Colours and adding 25,000 words to the manuscript – no harm in being ambitious, right?

Later, I recorded and edited the next interim podcast episode.



I wrote two book reviews.



Day One of Camp NaNoWriMo! Started well by pulling Strength, Endurance and Talent from my blessings bowl!

In the morning, I edited a story for a friend, who needed feedback quickly to meet an imminent submission deadline.

Later, I put together my work station for embarking on the great editing expedition for Colours. I also added 43 words to the manuscript so I could log a start on Camp Nano. I always said I’d never get involved in a Nano event, but this has fallen at just the right time to help me with my Colours revision, and it’s a lot more flexible than the main November one, so I’m going to use it to my advantage.

I planned out my writing sessions for the rest of the week in my UWR writing diary.



I faffed a lot this morning, getting my workstation set up, pulling blessings (Time, Innovation, Contentment – another good set for my editing project) and doing a tarot reading (the Captain of Airships is ready to accompany me into my editing with calm clarity, good counsel and an unemotional perspective – yay!), making tea, arranging my pens, refilling my medication for the week…

Then, eventually, I went back to my feedback spreadsheet and started reviewing comments. I went back to the developmental edit from Amie of the Six Month Novel Programme first, to remind myself of the aspects of her feedback that I still needed to address. There were a couple of people who had given me just a few short, but useful, points so I went back to those and added them into my notes. Then I read through the four longer ‘overview’ statements and decided what I wanted to take from those.



I went through the first of four annotated manuscripts from my beta readers on Colours. I made some amendments to my draft here and there but mostly compiled notes on larger revisions to consider later.

It felt good to be getting back into this story properly again. There’s a lot of work to do, but it feels do-able and I have confidence in the story, so that helps.

I added nearly 1000 words to my WIP Big Bang story, and it felt good to be making progress on that again. Then I reviewed my flash piece for tomorrow’s TL;DR workshop and added some more descriptive detail to that.



I started the day by collating my notes and writing my script for the next main podcast episode. Then I moved on to the second annotated manuscript of Colours, making amendments as required and adding notes to my master collation.

In the evening, I attended the fourth TL;DR flash fiction workshop, which was fantastic as ever.



I started out by editing a lengthy blog post for Dave. I had a brainwave about my WIP Big Bang story (the big question about how the heroes get out of the pickle they’re in was answered!) so I wrote some notes on that. I also made some amendments to my third TL;DR flash fiction piece, based on the feedback from the previous night’s workshop, getting it ready for submission.

Then I moved on to reviewing Dave’s feedback on Colours, made necessary quick amendments and added a lot more to my editing notes.


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