Weeknotes – S04E26 – Accountability Helps!


This week was very much a lesson in accountability and scheduling. I had two retreat days where I wanted to get specific tasks done but didn’t really feel like it on the day. But I stated my goals on two separate online communities and that helped me achieve them, even though I wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic.



I had a slightly late start but posted by goals for the morning on the UWR online session page and eventually settled down to review my Scribophile critiques on Suffering. I tweaked the story based on all the feedback and was happy with the final result.

Then I moved on to my ideas from the second TL;DR flash workshop and completed a first draft of one of them.

After lunch, I went through an old short story to attempt to expand and revise it to fit an upcoming submission opportunity. I managed to add a bit, but didn’t feel that just padding out the text I already had would be productive, considering the story needed to be doubled in length.

So, I posted it on TL;DR to ask for some help on how to expand it. (Having a responsive writing community is awesome!)



I edited an article for a friend and a flash piece for another friend.



I wrote a mammoth script for the next interim podcast episode.

I then spent most of the afternoon finishing my current book and writing the review.



I gave feedback on a poem for a friend.



I stated my goal of completing the expansion of Broken Succession on both UWR and TL;DR, and then sat down to review my notes and feedback. Several extra scenes presented themselves (courtesy of the subconscious crew), so I added to my notes and then dug into the story and added more than 2300 words to put it over the required target of 5000 words.

The third TL;DR flash fiction workshop was just as good as the other two. I got some great feedback on my second story and came up with an interesting idea for my third, which may well work for an upcoming submission opportunity I’d been mulling.



I wrote a review of the film we watched for online film night on Friday.

I also submitted Suffering.


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