Weeknotes – S04E25 – It’s Better When You Do It Together!


Some good progress on various fronts, and a highly enjoyable collaborative workshop, which reminded me why I like spending time discussing things and working on stuff with other writers.



I posted my stated goals on the UWR online session page for the morning session – namely finishing the first draft of Suffering and the first draft of the flash piece from the TL;DR workshop.

Then I completed a submission.

I also managed to complete my stated goals and posted Suffering on Scribophile to get feedback.

Later, I wrote a book review.



I wrote another book review.



I critiqued a short story for a friend.



I did multiple critiques on Scribophile to get my points back up and push Suffering closer to the spotlight.



I attended the second week of the TL;DR Flash Fiction Workshop.

It was awesome! We discussed a contest-winning flash fic we’d all read during the week, then we worked in pairs to review and comment on our Week One first drafts, and then we brainstormed ideas from prompts for a second story. So much fun, and really productive.



I read a few of the other pieces from the TL;DR workshop and sent feedback to the writers. I also wrote some notes for the first draft of my second story.

Later, I discussed my various ideas with Dave, refined my plan for the second story and also made notes for a completely different version to do as well.

I also made sure I had a clear plan for the UWR online session I planned to attend the next day.


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