Weeknotes – S04E24 – Just Another Manic Monday


Monday has definitely become my most productive writing day, thanks to a great online writing retreat schedule that fits really well with how I like to structure my day.



I stated my goals on the UWR online session post, which were to continue drafting Suffering and the WIP story, and also to alter three existing stories to fit upcoming submission opportunities – one to shorten, one to expand, and one to change the tone of the ending from uplifting to dark.

I set the subconscious crew the task of working out my WIP Big Bang story ready for the afternoon retreat session.

I settled down to work, but got distracted when I got an email from the editor of Writing Magazine, accepting both the articles I submitted back in November, which was awesome!!

I eventually started my writing session with a book review, then continued drafting Suffering and managed 500 words. I also cut down a 3,100 story to 16,25 to fit a competition entry.

In the afternoon, I brainstormed my WIP Big Bang story and the subconscious crew continued to exceed expectations by presenting me with a workable plot. So, I outlined for a bit and then started writing the actual story – my first fanfiction writing of the year!



I wrote a review of a film we watched the day before.



I wrote a blog post about cultivating a positive mental attitude.

Then I wrote some more of my WIP Big Bang story, so I would have enough to submit my snippets, which were due on Saturday. I managed to add nearly 900 words to the story.



I wrote my script for the next main podcast episode, and also completed the next lesson in Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass.

Later, I brainstormed and drafted ideas for an upcoming submission opportunity.



I added a bit more to my WIP Big Bang story and submitted the required snippets on time.

I did my GYWO discussion post for the month and tweaked the script for the next main podcast episode, as well as reviewing a book I’d finished earlier in the afternoon.

In the evening I attended the first session of the TL;DR Flash Fiction Workshop, which was really fun and resulted in an idea for a new flash piece that will be developed in the next workshop.



I did some submissions and edited the latest podcast episode.


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