Weeknotes – S03E30 – Second Novel is Now a Thing!


First draft of second novel(la) done! And major progress on a story I’ve been trying to write for about three years. So very happy with my writing this week.



I met Hannah after work, cracked on with Colours and completed the final three scenes to get to the end of the first draft! It’s now a whole thing! Short, but still a thing. And a thing I can now do stuff with. Hurrah!



I was going to take the rest of the week off, but I had booked a day’s writing with Out On The Page and didn’t want to cancel at short notice, so decided to go along anyway. It was good to meet other writers and chat about writing experiences. I also completed a pair of linked short stories for a submission opportunity I’d been thinking about, and it was good to get back to short stuff after focusing on the novels for so long.

I dug out an old story to fulfil my prompt for the J/D Ficathon and read through my WIP Big Bang story to ensure it all made sense. Then I wrote a few reviews.

After that, with the whole world of writing at my fingertips and no big projects or hideous deadlines, I went back to the Ritual story I’ve been messing around with for several years and just decided to put words on the page. I accepted it wasn’t going to be the way I envisaged it originally and just went for it, and wrote nearly 2000 words in just over any hour.



I posted my WIP Big Bang story. I’m pleased with this one as it’s something that’s been hanging around for a few years, so it was good to finally get it out into the light of day.


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