Weeknotes – S03E29 – Continuing Apace


Very much on the home stretch for the first draft of Colours. I’m looking forward to taking a break from huge projects and working on some smaller stuff for the rest of the year.




I went into town early and ensconced myself at Picturehouse Central with the intention of getting back up to date with the Colours schedule before meeting a friend for lunch. After the subconscious crew had laid out the rest of the outline yesterday, this proved quite easy and I got the next three scenes done very quickly.




I went to a useful and informative London Writers’ Cafe workshop about showing and telling. 




I wrote a review of the film I went to see on Monday. 




Morning stint at Kahaila on Brick Lane today with Ann.


I launched straight into Colours with the idea of getting that out of the way so I could then turn to other things. I bashed out the next three scenes to get back on schedule again. I hit the 50,000 words mark and now only have four more scenes to go!


Then I wrote notes for my GYWO discussion post for the month, based on Tuesday’s show/tell workshop. I also brainstormed for an upcoming drabble submission.




I edited and uploaded my GYWO discussion post. I reviewed two books.


I also got an acceptance from an online magazine for one of my stories and recorded an audio version of it to go alongside the published text.


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