Weeknotes – S03E31 – More Creative Than Expected



Still feeling more enthused about writing than I expected. Still enjoying getting back to new short pieces after all the time spent on both novels.




I used a tried and tested method of getting some writing done today. I booked a doctor’s appointment at 9:15am and a cinema ticket for 2:20pm and settled myself in a cafe to fill the time in between.


I did another Black Hare Press drabble submission, then amended an existing story for a Writing Magazine competition before heading back to drabble land for a different prompt.


There’s a story I wrote a while ago, which I love and which got accepted for publication over a year ago. But correspondence with the editor is sporadic and vague. I’ve received and accepted edits, and seen the cover art for the magazine issue with my name listed as a contributor. But I haven’t had a contract, nor have I been paid, nor have I been told the publication schedule. And there’s an upcoming submission opportunity that this story would be perfect for. So, I’ve been thinking about removing it from the first publication and submitting it to the second instead. This morning, though, I had a brainwave – I can very easily take the essential elements but completely rewrite the story without too much effort. I’m going to gender flip it, change the setting and alter a few salient details, to make a whole new story, which means I can keep hoping the first publication will come into being, but still have something to submit to the second, which will better suit their requirements. So I made some notes on my plan.




I wrote some reviews.




I met Hannah after work and wrote a couple more drabbles. I’m really enjoying these – perhaps a welcome palate cleanser after all the work on the novels so far this year – and I appear to be quite good at them.


Then I started the story rewrite for the upcoming submission. I completed a first pass.




I told Dave about an upcoming submission opportunity and we brainstormed some ideas.

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