Weeknotes – S07E42 – Yay for Freelance Flexibility


A heavy cold pretty much wiped out the second half of this week (hurrah for freelance flexibility taking the pressure of being ill) but Writing Club was much better this week and I got my novel back in my head in good time for starting Revision Club next week. Yay for clubs!



I finished editing both the children’s book and the insults book and sent them back to the authors for review and approval.

On the cusp of having no paid editing projects on the docket, I was awarded a new one just before lunch!

Later, I worked on a short descriptive piece for one of this week’s Writing Club prompts.

I also worked on Stanley’s blog posts and Instagram scripts.



I worked on my second prompt piece for Writing Club.

I also wrote reviews for a comic, a book and a music gig.

Later, Dave and I commented on and discussed each other’s responses to the prompts for Writing Club – one of mine was apparently better than last week and the other one was apparently even good!



I started a new paid editing job on a spiritual meditation book, completing the first chapter as a test on both sides. The writer said he thought I did a good job and sent me the next two chapters to continue.

I finished writing all Stanley’s blog posts and video scripts for November.

Later, I launched into creating a digital reverse outline for Darkness, with a view to starting proper revision planning next week.



I edited the next two chapters of the spiritual meditation book and also did a sample edit for a prospective new client, who seemed quite keen.

Later, I came up with prompts for next week’s Writing Club exercises and also filled in the introductory group sheet for Revision Club, which starts on Tuesday.



I wrote a review of a book I finished.


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