Weeknotes – S04E41 – Up and Down and Around


A bit up and down this week with both paid work and my own writing – but I got re-motivated in the end.



I had a huge list of stuff to get through today!

I started with a long-delayed paid editing project that finally came back to me over the weekend – doubled in size! It’s a holistic life-fitness book that turned out to have been much improved since I saw it last, which made the editing much easier.

I wrote my GYWO discussion post for the month, then started another new paid editing project – a book about the skill of utilising effective put-downs!

Later, I planned out Stanley’s blog posts and Instagram videos for November.

Things got a bit derailed with a lengthy trip out to do shopping and errands, so I didn’t complete quite a few things on my list – but hey.



Today, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for months and not managed until now – I did more paid work after lunch!

I completed editing the first half of the life-fitness book and sent it back for review and approval, and also started another new editing project from a new client – a book about putdowns and insults!

I also edited the next chapter of the children’s book.

Later, I wrote my attempts at the first two writing exercise prompts Dave had devised, focusing on being as descriptive as possible, which was quite fun.



I went through my life-lessons notebook and sourced a ton more ideas for Stanley’s Instagram videos and blogs.

I also wrote a blog post about being more productive.

Later, Dave and I did our first Writing Club session, giving feedback on each other’s writing exercises – he ripped mine to pieces and his were amazing (though much longer and much more like proper stories that I had thought was meant to be the case) so it kind of ended with me questioning why should ever try to write anything ever again… So that didn’t go all that well…



I spent most of the day in Picturehouse Central but didn’t actually get much done. I did edit some of the children’s book and some of the putdowns book, and also started a paid sample edit for a prospective client I spoke to before leaving home in the morning.

I also had lunch and a very helpful conversation with a writer friend, who talked me off the edge of giving up writing altogether – so that was good timing!



I edited more of the children’s book and the putdowns book, and also completed the sample edit for the prospective new client.

Later, Dave and I continued Writing Club by analysing a couple of extracts from a Mercedes Lackey Valdemar book, which was really interesting and helpful and fun.



I wrote a couple of reviews.


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